Hi, I am Itala.


I work with real and passionate people that understand the importance of projecting their best version that they can be through a professional headshot or portrait. 


As an HR Manager with a background in Image Consulting, I'm very invested in the professional advancement and development of each person in addition to the way their image is projected. My focus is to capture images that express your unique essence.  The best way to connect with you is not by talking about my methodology and skills as a photographer, but it is by listening to you and the story or milestone you want to share through your portrait or headshot.


It's a passion of mine to help people reach their full potential, and my experience in inner business processes gives me a unique perspective on how to achieve that in the business world.


I am very invested in my relationship with my clients, so I try to make my studio a warm and inviting environment where you can be comfortable and at ease. It's essential to me that your headshot be clean and professional, yet the goal really is to mold an honest photo that lets your personality and your confidence shine through.


Depending on the purpose of the headshot, a pose can be made to convey the reliability, attention to detail, level of maturity and even organizational skills of a person. An expression can sell approachability, ambition or dependability, or the lack thereof.


It's of the utmost importance that your photographer is aware of these nuances in the composition of a portrait that only years of practice can unlock. After all your headshot is in many cases your first impression. My headshots are crafted according to your needs to convey your personality to your clients and other potential business prospects.


My goal is to deliver you images that show your personality, professionalism, and authenticity. So trust me to help you put your best image forward and together we can help you achieve exactly what it is you strive for. 


To provide you with images that matter, such as clean and professional headshots that will up-level your professional image, while providing you with a stress-free experience.


We contribute to a positive professional image


We care and respect our clients


We listen to our clients


We deliver a stress-free experience


We believe in building relationships


We love helping people stand out by providing them crafted headshots that show their personality, professionalism, and authenticity


We love our families